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At this time, individual members of TransTorah offer the following services. Please note that Transtorah is not a non-profit organization but a like-minded collective of colleagues, hence we are not responsible for vetting the services that individual members choose to provide. If you do similar work and would like to be added to our referral list, please contact us!

Ritual Facilitation

Individual members of Transtorah may be available to facilitate or help create rituals marking personal, family, and community events. These include rituals around gender transition, such as name changes, hormones, or surgery, etc., or support for other events such as baby namings, commitment ceremonies and weddings,  conversions, etc. We can also provide trans-specific leadership for shabbat, Jewish holidays, or secular holidays, such as LGBTIQ Pride or Transgender Day of Remembrance in your community.

Rabbi Elliot Kukla is available for weddings and baby namings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and can be reached privately for those simchas at

For rituals related to illness, loss, dying, or bereavement such as funerals, memorials, or healing services, contact our partner organization, the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center online or call 415-750-4197.

Pastoral Guidance

The rabbis of the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center are able to provide trans-friendly rabbinic support to individuals facing issues of illness, loss, grief, or dying in the San Francisco Bay Area. Services are available regardless of affiliation or ability to pay. Contact them online or call 415-750-4197.